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“Returning to Happiness… Overcoming Depression with Body, Mind, and Spirit”: amazing testimony with a NEW VISION to understand depressive states (English Edition)

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Amazing testimony that shows a very particular way to understand and face depressive states! by AWARD WINNING / BEST-SELLING AUTHOR

“This book is not just the story of my life, but it will surely be a pathway to transform… the story of your life! It will take you on a parallel journey. On one side, it shows how using natural but powerful tools I went out of the emotional hole I was immersed for more than twenty years. And on the other side, looking on Depression from an unprecedented point of view, it shows how we are beings of energy connected to the universe in means never imagined. Acting as radio-antennas, we can tune into our original frequency and receive all necessary material to balance our body, mind, and spirit. However, if going out of tune, we enter in a static space that distorts and seriously affect our health, way of thinking, mood, and the connection with the real source of creation. Congratulations if you accept the challenge to return to the innate happiness that is part of you since the day of your birth” – Author

*This Title is also available in SPANISH & PORTUGUESE in Gaviria

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Moviendo Energías / Moving Energies; Édition : 2 (11 février 2019)