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The Alpha’s Two Angels : An MMM Shifter Romance (SoCal Cuties Book 3) (English Edition)

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An omega beyond redemption. But can true love bring him back from the edge?

Worthless. Liar. Home wrecker. That’s how Sasha sees himself. Years ago he almost destroyed his ex’s life, along with any chance he ever had a true love, and since then he’s been working the streets, fighting every day to survive and keeping everyone else at arm’s length.

Luckily, he has Jace to look out for him, another working boy and Sasha’s. They have a special bond—maybe something more than friends—but Sasha is determined not to let it go any father. He can’t chance ruining what they have, especially when there’s a killer on the loose.

Arnold, a San Diego Police Detective, has been watching his angels from a distance, making sure they’re safe while he hunts down the crazed criminal targeting the city’s working boys. He can’t let anything happen to them—not on his beat. Especially given the fact that he knows an incredible secret: the two omegas are his fated-mates.

Arnold saves the sweet boys from a deadly attack and gets them to the hospital. Driven wild by each their scents, Arnold can see only one future: one where the boys are his and his cubs are in their bellies.

But the three of them are now faced with important questions that will determine the rest of their lives: Can Sasha learn to love again? Are he and Jace willing to acknowledge the deeper feelings between them? Can all three of them make an unconventional relationship work and will Arnold be able to catch the killer that is now stalking his angels?

The Alpha’s Two Angels is Book 3 in the SoCal Cuties Series, can be read as a standalone, but contains history from the last two books that make it more satisfying if read in order. Plenty of naughty-knotty spice, MPREG sweetness and an MMM romance with no cheating and a fantastic HEA. Have fun 😉

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