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Queen of the Vamps: (A Paranormal Why Choose Novel) (FourWinds Series Book 1) (English Edition)

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The Gods have spoken, Demons are uprising, and life as we know it is coming to an end. It will take a congress of four to save humanity. If they can stop bickering, that is…

QUEEN OF THE VAMPS is the first book in a slowly developing Reverse Harem series!

LYSSA COULDN’T be normal if she tried, and when she met billionaire businessman Nikolai, he embraced her quirks and made her fall for him.

But Niko is no regular entrepreneur. He has secrets, secrets that are tied up with his partner, Dmitry.

Lyssa never wanted to be the Queen of the Vamps, but the King had other ideas.

She didn’t want two husbands, either, but the King and his Alpha mate were bound to her in ways her human sensibilities could never understand.

In less than a day, Lyssa’s whole world shifts.


With her life in flux, and suddenly in danger, Lyssa clings to the two males who brought the chaos to her, but who are the only ones who can keep her safe.

Or so she believes.

A third male is waiting in the wings, ready to embrace his new mates, his new life, his new world order…

Find out more in QUEEN OF THE VAMPS.

Word Count: 105k

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